What is Thermography?


Thermography is simply the measurement of heat.  Infrared regulation thermography measures cellular metabolism coupled with responses of the nervous system to record precise skin temperatures.  The precise measurements are taken over specific organs and target areas such as the breast.

Using our regulation thermography tool, a visible measurement of the autonomic nervous system is provided.  This is often the key to knowledge regarding the mechanisms involved in the development of disease.

Our regulation thermography system provides a comprehensive assessment of the neurologically controlled terrains that often create or sustain disease environments.

By gathering clinical correlations from over 40,000 thermograms (over 15,000 patients) and using parallel radiology and pathology assessments, doctors were able to discover how patterns of thermoregulatory responses depict organ and tissue health and dysfunction. While X-Rays give a structural view, thermography gives us a completely non-invasive perspective of how your body is functioning.