EVERYONE SHOULD APPLY because ANYONE can Receive up to

$150 in Grant Money to Help Offset Your Cost

For a Thermogram.

This $150 Grant Will be Added to Any Special Promotion Offered by the Thermography Center!

We have connected with the United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF)

We have connected with the United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF) to make this happen. UBCF will assist you with breast screening regardless of age, income, gender, race, ethnicity or health insurance coverage.

Please note, due to the great need for this program, UBCF is unable to assist with screenings that have already taken place.  To receive UBCF support, please apply for a breast screening and receive your approval before you receive your breast screening.

UBCF Breast Screening Program provides reimbursement to approved client for up to $150 toward breast screening service.

United Breast Cancer Foundation

Step 1


Click GET STARTED to fill out the application and determine what you are eligible for.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to make a $5 Pay-It-Forward-Contribution to the UBCF after you fill out the application. Your Pay It Forward Contribution is immediately invested back into the Breast Screening Program to assist women and men just like you. Once you have submitted your application, UBCF will be in touch with you within 3 business days. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at thermography@thermographycenter.com

The MAX amount for the visit under the breast screening grant is $150.


The high demand and limited funds available for the Breast Screening Grant requires that UBCF make grant determinations based upon financial need. To be eligible for maximum amount applicants must meet the following household income criteria:

Household Income Table

​****EXAMPLE of income that exceeds household income… Let’s say you have a family size of 3 and make $100,000, then you would still receive approx. $75 for your first Thermogram visit.

Step 2

Book Your Whole Body Thremogram

Once you receive approval, then you should call the Thermography Center of Dallas at 214-352-8758 to book your Whole Body Thermogram and Customized Health & Wellness Plan

Additionally, please let the scheduler know that you have applied for the United Breast Cancer Foundation Breast Screening Grant.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT PAYMENT, The Thermography Center of Dallas will provide you with a receipt immediately after to give to UBCF that documents your screening (client name and address, date of service, cost of the procedure, the total amount due, etc.).

The cost of a Whole Body Thermogram and Customized Health & Wellness Plan is $500.

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