We are all exposed to toxic / heavy metals every day, causing degeneration in the body and brain. You want to remove them safely and effectively, but do you know where to start?

The OligoScan technology gives a quick and precise analysis of the minerals and heavy metals present in the tissues in real-time. The testing takes less than 5 minutes and utilizes only non-invasive infrared light.

Results are immediate, and evaluate the levels of 14 different heavy metals and 20 important minerals.  In addition, this testing evaluates how well your body is able to eliminate heavy metals on its own, and whether nutritional support is needed in order to improve that elimination.

The reporting also evaluates several key mineral ratios, including the Sodium and Potassium ratio crucial to cardiovascular health.

No preparation is needed, and all you need in order to complete this testing is to know your blood type.


If you have been told, “We don’t know what causes cancer”, you’ve been misled. For scientists agree as numerous medical studies conclusively show that 95% of cancer is caused by diet and environment (Perera).”

“In EPA studies, surgical samples of the fat of over 400 average Americans showed every single person, 100%, had stored carcinogens and destroyers of health. And they didn’t have just one, but many. For example, every single person had stored dioxins, PCBs, dichlorobenzene, styrene, and xylene. Anyone of these alone can cause autoimmune disease, cancers, and nearly any symptoms imaginable.”

  • Heavy metals are highly degenerative to the body

  • This test will tell you what you are HOLDING ONTO, while others will tell you what you are removing

  • Healthcare practitioners currently using the OligoScan report that 90% of their patients register highest in aluminum (one of the heavy metals most damaging to the brain)

  • Accumulation of these metals in the body reduces the effectiveness of medical treatments up to 60%. Therefore, vitamin and mineral supplements are much less effectivewhen heavy metals are present

  • We are exposed to these metals on a daily basis, so knowing how effective your body is at detoxifying them will allow you to improve that function if needed


The actual measurement with the OligoScan is very simple. After entering the patient’s data the OligoScan is gently pressed on four points of the hand palm. The light beam will determine the intensity of the electromagnetic signals of 34 elements.


In short, not at all The OligoScan measures intracellularly. This means that this will tell you what your body is storing and not removing out of your body.

Blood Tests – Blood is the LAST place for heavy metals to show up. Blood tests show only metals that have circulated recently. Metals are dumped within a few days from the bloodstream into the tissues where they mostly reside. So for example, if someone has muscle cramps a blood test may show a “normal” level of magnesium in the blood, however, when we measure the level of magnesium in the tissues with the OligoScan, it will show a magnesium deficiency. 

Urinalysis – A urine heavy metal test only shows to what extent the body can excrete metals. In a normal spontaneous urine sample, almost NOTHING is excreted. Only after the body is provoked (via injection) can any real measurable concentration of metals be found in the urine. Even so, what this shows is the amount of metals present in the extracellular environment (not inside the cells, which is what the OligoScan shows).

Hair Analysis – A hair analysis only shows which metals were present during the last three months and that is only the metals the body is actively eliminating already. If a body cannot detoxify well, low amounts of metals will be found in hair. This is called false-negative results.

Blood, urine or hair analysis take weeks to get results. The OligoScan provides RESULTS IMMEDIATELY.

Heavy Metal Test Report

Heavy metals are tricky because they can actually mimic minerals in the body. This means that the body can be depleted in minerals while storing high levels of heavy metals. It also means the body protects itself by holding onto heavy metals until it feels it is safe to eliminate them without internal harm. We are very experienced in assisting the body in the process of safely eliminating heavy metal toxicity without damage to the body and it’s internal organs and systems.

Mineral Test Report
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