ABOUT Kay Smith

Holistic Health Practitioner

Thermogram Technician / L.I.F.E Certified /   Patient Services

ABOUT Kay Smith

L.I.F.E. System Practitioner

Kay Smith is a mother of four and has been married for 39 years. For the last thirty years, Kay has been involved in the fitness industry. Her career started as a group fitness instructor and later was certified as a personal trainer. She continued her career and was promoted to run the group fitness program for Lifetime Fitness. 

Previously was a technician for the thermography center and performed client testing along with other office duties. 

Kay has an esthetician license and started a facial company using the Marie Katelle system doing non-surgical facelifts with low energy radio waves and a system that detoxifies the body using all-natural plant-based products. 

Currently, she is the owner of Personal Trainer On the Go and trains clients in their homes. She has a deep passion and love for her clients.

Recently, she was certified as a Life System advanced practitioner and has been performing treatments on patients with amazing results.


• AFFA Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

• Body Training Systems for Step, Barbell, and Turbo Kick.

• Certified in Zumba, Bosu Training, and Piyo. 

• LifeTime Fitness training courses including training in MTS, Cycle 60,  Step, Total Conditioning, Core, TC Facilitator, and Step Facilitator. 

• Associates Degree from East Field Community College. 

• Esthetician License. 

• Life System Machine Advanced Practitioner Certificate.

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